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Israel and Wellington spy on car parking users

The PARKING DATA of Wellington motorists is collected in a DATABASE and is available for abuse by the New Zealand apparatus and the Israeli company that can remote-login to that dbase. Electronic Israeli sleeper cells?

Parking Meter Patent

EXHAUSTED CARDS contain the parking data!
When you return them (to get a cheaper "refill") your parking data is stored on Israeli computers! Thank you Wellington City Council. Couldn't you have asked a New Zealand Company to invent a system suitable for us? A system that preserves anonymity and freedom?

parking meter coin ticket machine time calibration  4jan09 11h38 am ezipark
parking meter coin ticket machine - ezipark by

Manufacturing of parking solutions based on Personal Parking Meters controlled by a Smart Card technology. Smart Park In Car Parking Meter (ICPM). Parking Control Unit (PCU) enables remote authentication of parking of a vehicle by IR communication.

Domain Name..........
Creation Date........ 2005-09-06
Registration Date.... 2005-09-06
Expiry Date.......... 2009-09-06
Organisation Name.... Ganis
Organisation Address. 6 Irosim St.
Organisation Address. Nes Tziona
Organisation Address. ISRAEL

Admin Name........... Wain Ilana
Admin Address........ 6 Irosim St.
Admin Email..........
Admin Phone.......... 9728-9389990

Tech Name............ InterSpace Hostmaster
Tech Address......... 19 Yad Harutzim St.
Tech Address......... Netanya
Tech Address......... 42204
Tech Address......... ISRAEL
Tech Email........... domreg@INTERSPACE.NET
Tech Phone........... +972.98850480
Name Server..........
Name Server..........

GANIS SMART PARK SYSTEMS LTD. 53 Hairusim St. Ness Ziona, 74049, Israel

Tel 972 8 9389990

Mobile 051 972 917

Ganis Systems now has a new phone number in the US : 954-376 - 6018
We will be answering your calls from Israel so the time here in Israel is : UTC/GMT + 2 hours (EDT is UTC /GMT - 5 hours )

Wellington City Council parking services manager Wayne Tacon

Graeme Lockery, managing director of International Parking Systems
They can be rented at a monthly cost of $7 for a three-year term,
Prepaid cards would initially be available in $50, $100 and $200 denominations.
For more information about Ganis Systems in the press, please contact

"It is the smartest piece of technology I have used in a long time. The convenience is fantastic. I no longer have to rush around trying to find coins for the meters and the best thing of all is a Aucklander saw it the other day and was extremely jealous that Wellington City Council had such innovative thinking."

Auckland Parking Meter - solar and mobile phone connected - time calibr 10:01
Auckland Parking Meter - solar and mobile phone connected

The Ganis Smart Park System is made up of four components:

  1. Smart Park™ (SP) is activated and mounted in the parked vehicle for inspection
  2. Smart Card (SC) carries the monetary value for payment and data is collected for data analysis and statistics
  3. Parking Control Unit (PCU) used for inspection and authentication of Smart Park™
  4. Back End Processing System (BEPS) processes management and revenue reports

1. The Smart Park (SP) Device

Smart Park is an personal parking meter the size of a small pocket calculator based on state-or-the-art Smart Card technology. Smart Park's LCD acts both as a user interface for easy motorist operation and as a display for parking enforcement. Motorist selections are keyed into SP's small keyboard. SP stores the municipal parking parameters, calculates the parking fee, debits the smart card and records historical parking data to the card. SP is mounted in the vehicle during the parking session for quick and easy parking inspection

2. The Smart Card (SC)

The pre-purchased Smart Card, is loaded with money to pay the motorist’s parking fees. These are individually deducted for each parking event.. Secondly, the municipality’s parking zone parameters (regulations) are loaded into the SC’s memory for updating Smart Park for proper operations. Lastly, the SC carries the historical parking data to the BEPS for analysis and report generation for the municipality.

3. The Parking Control Unit (PCU)

The parking control unit is used by the parking inspector to authenticate Smart Park™. Authenticating SP ensures that the device has not been tampered with, is an authorized parking device and that parking fees reach the coffers of the municipality. The PCU may be a one way or two way infra-red communications device enabling advanced controls and features for inspection.

4. The Back End Processing System (BEPS)

The Back End Processing System has the dual purpose of card handling functions and the analysis of historical parking data and revenues. Management of this data will enable improvement of the parking infrastructure and ensure profitability.
Wellington was the scene of a peaceful demonstration against the IDF bombing of civilians in Gaza, in occupied Palestine.

panorama human rights for israel too - Peace - stop hamas missiles - End of Lease
panorama human rights for israel too - Peace - stop hamas missiles - End of Lease

more pictures of that protest are here

Organization: GANIS SYSTEMS LTD.
Contact: Name: Mr. Zvi Ganot
Position: Chief Executive Officer
Address: 3 Golda Meir St., Lev Hanitzan Bldg
Ness Ziona
ISRAEL, 74140
Telephone: 08-9477448
Fax: 08-9477449
WEB site:
Family with Zvi GANOT. Spouse. Zvi GANOT Male ‎(I1321)‎ · Suzie ELFERSY Female ‎
(I1256)‎. Child. Adi GANOT Female ‎(I1322)‎. Child. Yuval GANOT Male .

Established: 1991
Type: Graduated from Technological Incubator
Ownership: Private
Parent: Maayan Technology Ventures Ltd. - Tech. Incubator

Core business

Smart parking system. Supplier of personal parking meter hardware
and software.

Employees: 21


GANIS SYSTEMS LTD. specializes in providing innovative solutions
for the challenging job of efficiently collecting on-street
parking fees.

With GANIS' ground breaking family of personal parking meters
(also known as in-car parking meter used for on street parking)
the parking manager can increase revenues and net income by
staggering 50% while significantly raising customer satisfaction.

A personal parking meter is a small device that is used by the
motorist to pay for on-street parking fees. It is used by the
motorist instead of traditional devices such as parking meters,
pay & display machines etc. The parking time is charged by the
minute giving the customer a fair and easy payment method.

GANIS' personal parking meters combine the advantages of cellular
parking and Pay and Display systems, while offering a solution
that requires a lower capital investment and reduces maintenance
and transaction cost associated with more traditional

GANIS' meters are used across to solve parking issues across the
world - in the USA, Canada, Belgium, Holland, Finland, Norway,
Austria, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil,
Australia and in New Zealand.

New GPRS enforcement system is now available for the Comet.
Artemis provides the parking enforcement officers with the tools
to check parked vehicles and to issue citations based on real
time information.

Ganis Systems - (972).8.9477448
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