Saturday, October 24, 2009

pure stock super stock deceptive generic imagery
a purestock superstock royalty free photo example - skelett blue skin torso

Using business propaganda images can give the deceptive impression that a company has many employees, whereas it MAY BE just a one-man-show.

is an example for the use of such stock-images:


Custom Crafted Software, Inc.
is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service. Our customers deserve the highest quality services and technology available and we are committed to providing it. We provide the following services:

                • Site management
                • Information technology analysis, strategy and design
                • Network design and support
                • Ongoing consultation
                • On-site maintenance and support
                • Project management
                • Database management, design and integrity
                • Website design, maintenance and hosting with 24/7 support
                • Technical writing
                • Process Documentation
                • Quality Assurance Testing
                • Marketing support, including multimedia presentations
                • Custom software design
                • User training - QuickBooks and Microsoft Technologies

is one of their sites... again, images that are pure commerce deception:

Would you like to browse the books offered for sale online?
click here to open our online store and select Books - written by our FWA members.

Are you an author who would like information regarding offering your
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They have books about the right topics... probably from a isolationist narrow-minded USA-centric malformed view.

Road to the Third World- Conspiring to Destroy America by Cafaro

Road to the Third World- Conspiring to Destroy America by Cafaro
This is a suspense novel that illustrates the economic, political and social consequences of the excesses of capitalism.
Forgotten Peacekeepers (Hard Cover) by John Capone

Forgotten Peacekeepers (Hard Cover) by John Capone

The United States Constabulary assisted the American military government restore law and order in a war torn Germany, bringing stability to the American Zone of Occupation. They helped to win the peace. They were the Forgotten Peacekeepers.

I wonder what the above book is like. I have a feeling that US-americans after World War II knew what the dangers are. Then the USA-population wanted socialism, i.e. the fruits of labour.
But their rulers (undemocratic corporations, bankers and their executive, the CIA [DULLES]) will never allow people to OWN the means of production and control.
WW2, like nearly all recent wars, was forced on the people by large corporations (Thyssen Krupp, IG Farben). Even the german repugnicans (CDU) have learned that capitalism is the SOURCE OF WAR (read the Ahlener Programm). The JCS will force Obama to have a war (Iran), just like they did with Clinton (Yugoslavia). The USA President is not powerful enough to withstand the militarists and mass murderers (JFK). Bush was their opportunity to have A WAR THAT WILL NOT END IN OUR LIFETIME (because "Terrorist" cannot capitulate, and if some would, their would be synthetic terror).

Images of the real world are preferable:

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Original IBM Computer Monitor at inorganic rubbish collection in Birkdale

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Toilet in Devomport Cinema
vertigo dizzyness by perspective distortion tiles - kacheln perspektive perspektivische verzerrung mc escher klo loo pissoir kinotoilette raumverzerrung

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