Wednesday, February 11, 2009

tethered satellite observation? Double Sat - military spy?

HELP!! Please help identify this satellite event!

Seen from here:
Tongariro, New Zealand
on 07feb2009 22h12 (gmt+13) two satellites, flying as a pair, about one small
finger on stretched arm apart, almost vertical (7 and 1 o'clock) ... , through southern cross, direction left -- arching downwards .. gone behind trees after 5 minutes or so. Very faint, maybe 5th to 8th magnitude.

my USENET discussion was not very inormative...

There are two and three satellite constellations up there. I don't know of any that are tethered, however. Most likely you saw an untethered pair, probably spy satellites, or some sort of radar mapping system.
Chris L Peterson Cloudbait Observatory

It sounds like there are currently no tethered satellites in orbit. I remember the TSS experiment, when the tether broke. That was a very interesting looking object from the ground.
Chris L Peterson Cloudbait Observatory

Sounds like the NOSS thingies. That is I believe it what they are
called. The first time I saw them, I was simply amazed. There were
three of them, very faint and moving in perfect formation across the
night sky. I have seen them a couple of other times over the past
Martin R. Howell
Moderated sci.astro.amateur miscellaneous-sonstiges - Edit Post "seen from here:"

What he saw was probably a classified satellite pair which uses
synthetic aperture radar.
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