Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hospital -2- move to urology

9:30 pm

heavy snoring in the old lady's bed - or one over, i can't see. The dinner was cold, but nice. Although i hate pumkin, i must admit that it was the nicest thing on the plate. The mashed potato was like dry cement, tasted like cardboard. The peas were also void of taste, maybe a hint grass, the roast beef was good, two thin slices in a undefinable white sauce that covered half of the plate like a glaze

10 pm

i just got a call from my girlfriend, yry!

To cheer me up she told me about a great animation film "the amazing mr fox". Then she prophesised: "you will laugh about this". The story is that her mother knows "sister leola" and they arramged what had worked for their dad: "you now have a whole onvent praying for you" I laughed. Thank you, thamk you!
She also told me that the cancer society is magnificent 0800 800426.
I told her that i had found another number for health information, (0800 611116 staffed by nurses ) by phoning the ministry of health in wellington.

1 am

Margaret wakes me up for pulse, temperature and bloodpressure. Back to sleep with the help of a physics lecture mp3 on my mobile phone.

2 am

Margaret wakes me up: "we have a bed for you on the urology ward". A friendly Thomas, borm in Alexandria, Egypt, raised in Greece wants to push me and my bed to ward 73. I tell him i want to walk, but he is horrified, relents to a wheelchair. On the way i remark on the "empty corridors" and he says: "everybody says that". Promptly i receive a free lecture in architectural fire-safety design and some complaints about inept logistics. Arrive in room 5. "Yassu, god bless you"

2:30 a.m.

A young Korean doctor peaks through the curtain: "hi. Will see you", and he walks away.
Back 10 minutes later Michael exercises the bloodpressure, pulse temperature fetish.
He doesn't know whether i am even booked for the ct-scan, he syas they will see me in the morning and do it then. I ask him if they can't book me now. He says that they might have done it already, and that nurses aren't allowed to do ut. "Oh, you are a nurse?". Duh,
A happy snorer is in the room. Lets get some sleep.
Before Thomas transferred me, i had my trousers, shoes and shirt put into a PATIENT PROPERTY brown paper bag. The bag makes so much noise, it must have woken everyone up downstairs in ward 33 and now here while getting my earplugs back out. But snorer soon resumes. I put on another physics lecture and maybe we will start a snoring duett.

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