Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Boat trip with dolphins

And we saw an awesome flying fish. A blue-white little rocket that sailed motionless for "the better part of 50 yards" .. As my fellow passenger -who alerted me to it in a jiffy - described it.
The dolphins were "common dolfins", and at least a dozen swam with the ferry boat "island navigator", riding the bow wave, for at Least 10 minutes.
I saw a penguin, too, and whales were blowing in the distance. This was a four out of four... What else can one see on a four and a half hour ferry ride?
Sea lions? Seals? Orcas? Sun halos? Rainbows? Superstars? Daylight asteroid earth grazers? atmospheric phenomena like dry thunder, spontaneous lightning, sunbows, contrails chemtrails, cropcircles? Ufo sightings? Warbirds or exmerimental anti-gravity flying disks? Flugscheiben? antonovs? Zeppelins?
Never mind... Enjoy your hair ;-)
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