Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kaunas city impressions

I hopped on a Mikroautobus (minibus) to town, changed to a dutch-made city-bus (line 24) and tried to pay the fare of 2 litas (60 eurocents), but the busdriver was busy, and then he ignored me. So I sat down holding my two lit coin in my hand and my free tourist map in the other.
Not long after, a veritable swat team of ticket controllers swarmed into the bus and a tall, beautiful blond uniformed woman looked merciful on me, took my coin, went to the driver and handed me my ticket. Very cool.

Lithuanians are well organised and they handle their country well. USA/multinational corporations are here, but are not taking everything over, yet, presumably because thhe language is so special and the monetary sovereignty of having their own currency. My ambassador tells me that they are not keen on the Euro, they have beautiful banknotes, including a banknote with two men, that is apparently popular with gays (poofters, homos). They two smartly dressed males are famous aviators S.Darius and S.Girenas, who first crossed the atlantik but were shot down by envious, evil Germans. The germans have indeed committed the gravest crimes in this area, unspeakable atrocities.
On the other hand, most foreign exchange that the country earns goes into flash japanese, german and french cars, and the is a class of ultra-rich people, who almost don't pay their full taxes. The roads and other infrastructure are quite good nevertheless. Maybe all the years of bad "communism" left the bureaucrats with a feeling for what's important, nevertheless. The neoliberal thought-manipulation is not glaringly obvious here. Supermarkets have still a surprising amount of variety apart from lipton kellogs etc. I saw 7 different branda of kefir and unsightly carrots instead of tasteless clonecarrots from Israel occupied Palestine. On the Russia-market at the trainstation the sold at least 6 different types of potatoes. And I had my first taste of Quass, a drink made from roasted bread. Coca cola is awful compared to the russian breaddrink.

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