Friday, August 20, 2010

TGV Charleroi

Ich went on the TGV to Paris North 7:23, sat down at a window and when the ticket conductor came "NOCH JEMAND ZUGESTIEGEN I AACHEN" I simply said nothing and I had a fast trip to Brussels Midi, without having a obligatory reservation.

In Brussels there is a Bus to CRL airport, but I took the train From platform 21 at 9:07 to Charleroi South.

I met a young Lithuanian, who takes the same flight. He says it's GREAT there. "Why?" -- "you'll see" -- "come on, what? The city? what?" -- "the women".

Ok, that bodes well, then.

Waiting around in the bruxelles sud airport is a bit boring. The drinks are very expensive 3.20 for 33cl can of Jupiler, and one is not allowed to take water inside. Next time I take instant-powder fruit drink, they have free papercups and potable water on the toilet.
Jetairfly and use CRL, too. EI-DCZ arrived at 12:30, take-off at 1300, ryanair runs an efficient operation here.
The weather is beautiful, fluffy clouds and sunshine in Brussel -- the forecast for Kaunas is rain and 19 degrees maximum temperature.
Waiting waiting, time to write this blog.
Quite a few kids - one tantrum, one crying. Mothers with baby-strollers, (carryon) and a full aeroplane.

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