Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lithuanian Motorbike Mystery, part 2

K85 motorcycle two cylinder (please email if you know what model make manufacturer) - zweizylinder motorrad nicht bmw horch horex zuendapp royal enfield matchless adler triumph

see original photo here:

Maybe this one?

Ardie 500
eysink alpenjager JAP engine

Here is the JAP engine inside of an HDR - HD70

you see, the "second cylinder" is where the exhaust pipe is connected!
the engine is therefore a JAP,

JA Prestwich Industries, was an English engineering company named after founder John Alfred Prestwich, which produced cinematographic equipment, internal combustion engines (for which the company was generally abbreviated to "J.A.P."), and other examples of precision engineering.

From 1904 to 1908 complete motorcycles were produced [13] from the development of the first overhead valve motorcycle engine to be produced in the UK. [14]

After that the factory concentrated on supplying its engines to other manufacturers, including Brough Superior,[15] Triumph Motorcycles,[16] A. J. Stevens & Co. Ltd, and HRD Motorcycles, the forerunner of Vincent Motorcycles.[17] Machines that incorporated its engines included the AJS Model D, fabricated for the Russians in the First World War.[18]

JAP exported significant numbers of engines to foreign motorcycle manufacturers including Dresch[19] and Terrot in France, and Ardie,[20] Hecker[21] and Tornax[22] in Germany.
500 cc JAP sports sidevalve
like the one used in TORNAX bike

Ardie was a company in N├╝rnberg, Germany that manufactured motorcycles from 1919 until 1958. The company's name derives from that of its founder, Arno Dietrich.

At first Ardie made motorcycles with its own 288cc and 304cc single cylinder two-stroke engines. In 1925 the company switched to using engines from JAP in London, England.

or how about a TERROT

more ARDIE

silver arrow silberpfeil ss31 ardie
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