Saturday, August 28, 2010

Christmas Song in Lithuanian (kaunas)

The song is about bad christmas, someone stole all the presents, Santa Claus lost his beard, bad fairies cooked the rabbit ....
Live recording on 20 august 2010.
Do be sad that there is no snow todaz, because the gypsies stole the snow queen. Don't be sad the you can't hear the bells of the christmas deers, because some uncle mad his trousers from their fur. Don't cry little girl if there are no christmas bells, because you can always use the drum. THANKS TO LIU for the words and the love. SAome cool New Zealand photos are here:
ngauruhoe_2 ... ngauruhoe ... karamea ... gbi ... westcoast ... womad1999a... gbi_wellington... hauturu_6 ... wgtn3-botanic ... and MANY more HERE.
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