Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hospital -4- doctor visit

7:30 am
Korean nurse Mae-Lyn is a georgeous young woman with black rim spectacles, She is very professional and takes my vital-signs with supreme professionalism. My bloodpressure is a little high when another nurse calls her and takes the nice modern pulse- and bloodpressure-measuring apparatus from her, while she is still measuring my pulse. "oh i need to use the manual one, I thought I could use that".
5 minutes later she comes back and takes my temperature - 37.2. I have a feeling that hospitals make me sicker (they don't).
Mae-Lyn now makes the rounds through our 4-bed room of old men with the manual, pump inflate and stethoscope blood pressure device.
She gives me a glance on the way out.
A very old lady brings the guy in the bed accross a phone, he speaks bosnian on the phone. He lives in a hotel and has been here for two days. The guy next to me started as horticulturist, "when god called me", now a church minister retired. Missionary in Papua New Guinea.

8 am

6 people stand around my bed. Like i am a zoo animal. I speed-fire my questions, but i get only standard answers. The answers all lead to kidney amputation. My concern -- that a CT-scan is like 500 chest X-rays and maybe detrimental -- is met with blank stares. My question "immunodrugs public health system pays?" Answer: not before, only after kidney amputation, and then only maybe, if there is a trial.
2 minutes is all i get. They hurry away.

8:10 am

I ask for a banana. Saras, a lovlely indian lady will ask the kitchen in a few hours. She is a hindu from Fiji, "Saras means knowledge in my culture".

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