Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kaunas catastrophies marriage freak storms nuclear power

On fridays and saturdays one can't go far in Kaunas without bumping into a fancy wedding celebration. Wedding photography is good business here, clients abound.
I bussed to Kauno Marios to see when and where boats to Rumsiskes leave from. I met the captain, and he spoke a little german; the bozt leaves at 12 midday.
Not surpringlay a boatloads of marriage celebrants arrived, happily partying away with champagne at the banquet.
The electric trolley bus no 9 and 12 run frequently to the pier. There is even a beach for swimming and a paddle boat hire. Tons of trees were snapped in half from a recent freak stormduring the recent summer heat, the same that caused the forest fires in Russia which polluted Moscow'x air to toxic levels.
It would have been an excellent summer for solar power. I have seen only a single solar thermic installation (glass vacuum tubes) and one solar voltaic covered roof so far.
In the Musical Instrument Museum the background music, exhibit-case lights and room lighting is controlled by a infrared sensor, that switches it all off while one is still marvellling at the beautiful exhibits of flutes and zithers. If one waves a hand (or starts dancing) the lights come back on. The same is true for the stairs the modern apartment blocks where I am staying. The reason is that power is expensive, since Lithuanian's only (russuan) nuclear power station had to be shut down, because of european union's safety concerns.
My radex 1503 geiger counter shows a totally normal 0.12 micro sievert per hour reading.
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