Saturday, September 11, 2010

UNTERMENSCHEN and the 11th of September

> It's easy to be an untermenschen - you need just act like one.

Acting like one is indeed a problem.  People are sooo thoughtless.
The jews on Lithuania made it easy for the Germans to identify them.

Still, today, unfortunately there are people with unusual beards and robes
who don't understand that doctrinal stereotypes make us judge people.
E.g. black people who drive a expensive automobiles are really insensitive
when they complain that they get stopped by traffic cops all the time.

Consider today's anniversary!!  What a lesson about Untermenschen!!!

The 11th of September was an atrocity by cold-planning evil doers
who found themselves some willing dupes and succeeded in
pulverizing** three huge New York buildings with two aircraft;
they destroyed the navy remote control centre inside the pentagon,
with precision guided** aerobatics and who know what would have
happened hadn't some brave men destroyed** the fourth plane

And now, 9 years later... What burden we have to bear!!!
We now have military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan and have
the expensive task to control the lifeblood of industrialized nations.
The brave taxpayer has to keep lots of people in big pay and
sadly a gigantic amounts of money actually got lost.

Osama and the 19 carpet-knifers are the unquestioned
reason-d'etre, but we are lucky that the world's media helps us
to keep focused, by not publishing those outright wrong conspiracy theories.

So let us pray....

**911 investigator (mis-)speaks "missile"
**George W Bush spoke of explosives in the WTC towers (!)
**Rumsfeld spoke of pennsylvania flight "shot down"

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