Monday, October 4, 2010

ukraine second impressions

It turned out really useful to buy the local SIM card. At the little "telecommunication" office I asked whether the simcard will deactivate itself the next day or some other trick, like I had alreeady experienced in Thailand. A guy standing next to me told me that Ukraine is really cool, not like other countries. He knows (he is right as I found out).
Later I was told that in Russia one has to register sim cards or internet cafe visits against one's passport.
OK, sold, I have an ukrainian phone now.
When I tried to send my first SMS, it "could not be delivered". The beauty-princess behind the counter sorted me out in 30 seconds. One needed to make one phone call, before SMS msgs work, duh.
She rang her phone 0974724595.

Petrol prices are under one euro/litre, lots of appartment blocks, people are thoroughly competing for jobs while a rich upper class drives black tinted window monster jeeps.
A hard working soviet built infrastructure with electrified trains, lovely trams, fast metro and trolley buses serves the workforce who in the end supporr international locust corporations. Foreign banks are present, and do the paperwork of power Universal Bank, Bank of Cyprus, Piraeus Bank and what happened to local banks? The economic hitmen and the orange CIA revolution did their job, for sure. But not only the educated know that "the national endowment for democracy" (a CIA front) ran a dirty tricks campaign.

It is great not to be able to read the writing in all the advertisements.
I am taking the minibus, what a great experience. People pass money to the driver, like a bucket chain, and the change comes back the same way.
I think this is stuff for a doctor's thesis, why people here cooperate so well.
Later i was told that there are even separate minibus queues for seats and standing room passengers and that the queueing only started after the disolving of the USSR.

My stop will be indicated to me by other passengers, as arranged by handing my phone to them and speaking to my host.

Of course they meant too good, they made the driver stop at exactly my target street, except that my host was waiting at the regular stop a few hundred metres further along. The bus arrived, but no guest hopped off. A phonecall and all was good, i was escorted to a lovely flat in a typical appartment block.

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