Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Picture Galleries for your enjoyment

Malaysia Airlines

THE SHED artist's outing Devonport 2002 ...
Dunedin (New Zealand) Mid May 2008 ...
Wellington Dunedin flight and back 2008
Wellington late May 2008...
Upper Hut Possebenefits concert in Wellington Happy Club
Three Penny Opera Auckland Theatre
NZ to Europe June 2008
FILMSANG still images from my mouldy-deterioated 16mm film rolls
Mike's flower photos not bad at all..
The Spirit of Moneystills from the must-see movie
Auckland to Honolulu Air New Zealand flight
Waikiki Scenery Hawaii
Waikiki Three Magicians
Waikiki Four 16:9 photos 24April missing

normal traffic in Waikiki - Hilton Timeshare construction

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