Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hospital -6- four old men

11 a.m.
My roommate "Mr Prostrate Goldie" was in Russia during the moonlanding of Apollo 11 on 21 july 1969. We four men are talking about politics (national debt, to whom?), religion ("what is a heresy?) and astronomy. The church minister has a "New scientist" magazine, it contains a special about our solar-system's moons. He thinks the coincidences too great for our universe NOT having been created by God. I tell him god is a woman. He has read Dawkins (Richard is in a box) and explained Presbytarianism (Calvin Scotland).
Most men here a peeing blood, but it is very proper, clean and the staff are professional and exude a good atmosphere. Mae-Lyn is my favourite, i tried to impress her by filling the pee jar up to 800ml. Bladder capacity is not my problem.
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