Sunday, August 22, 2010

stupid captain boat trip cancelled

As the pleasure-boat captain said, I was at Kauno Mariod in time for the 12 o'clock ride to rumsiskes, except it has already left at 11 (17 Litas return). No more trips until next weekend. Bummer.
Don't trust captains with less-than-perfect attire. He said a storm would be coming up, I hope he will ... Ah never mind, maybe it's for the better.
Yesterday's encounter with the bus-ticket-raid made a good dinner story. We went near the airport to have the best commercially available Cepelinai - Zeppelin mega-meat-balls (monsterfleischknoedel) on earth. "only home-made is better".
After the exquisite Devil's Museum (more devils, please!!) I went into the "old" art gallery (yawn) and after my ambassador used me as an excuse to get away from a tenacious woman, and gave me a shower, I was dropped of in the oldest part of Kaunas, where the rwo rivers Nemunas and Neris amalgamate.
And amazingly I landed in a medieval Folk festival, greeted by the incredible noise of knight' armor crashing and battle grunts. There was a very nice stand for the audience for a first class look over the whole battlefield,
Arts and crafts and 15th century beer, sausages and sauerkraut, horse riding an mock executions, a kids favourite.
Wonderful warm weather excellent beer and very well behaved crowds.
Kaunas is great!
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