Monday, October 4, 2010

Kiev, on German Unity Day

Today is the twentieth anniversary of 3. Oktober 1990, the first commemoration of germanic unity. East Germany was forced to give itself up to west germany, the westerners changed nothing, did not introduce any superior rules from the east, although there were a few. The east germans had to adopt ALL the western rules and their factories were dismantled and their assets stolen. The west-BRD had always valued the east-DDR mark at one fourth of a west-mark, but overnight stipulated a parity, thereby destroying all DDR exporters. West-privatiers, investor locusts and undemocratic corporations simply plundered and pilfered, and where they improved, they owned.
The person who wanted to ameliorate the brutal takeover, Rohwedder, was shot by a professional hitman. His successor - a private banker's daughter - did everything that the locust-powers wanted and stopped everything the international capitalists wanted stopped, especially any ownership by workers. The industrious east germans would have made worker-owned enterprises a success story to be emulated.

Here in the Ukraine the CIA, NSA have an ongoing conquering process. The local elites are surely corruptable, but because most people are russian-friendly there is a second opinion ever present. Fundamentally opposing voices have been succesfully blocked elsewhere. Just ask yourself how many dissident magazines you can read in your country. Exactly.

Watch and you see what I mean. The USA kills and arrests Al-Jazeera journalists, you know why,
The conquering of minds is the 21st century's battleground, and weapons of mass deception are used every hour of every day. The canoniers are PR agencies and every media-outlet dependent on adversiting income is a footsoldier. Dissident media lacking the pro-capitalist gospel are starved away. Check John Perkins' economic hitmen book/youtube for a revelation. Listen to the tucradio Alex Carey programme.

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