Sunday, November 6, 2011

East Germany - Greece - UK George Soros

Someone commented

> again shotz of fastinating east germany

(he was trying to be funny... the pictures are from west Germany)

East Germany now looks newer than west germany. Tons of money was spent on the pretty towns in the east, many of which were not mercilessly firebombed by the anglo-american war criminals.

> ...tell me your ETA ,flight numer if you have

I take the bus and ferry on wednesday 16th. The gasoline is too expensive and polluting, and the bus/train/ferry is an affordable adventure, as you can see in the picture gallery here:

(note the Papatoetoe bus and local train)

take the cheap city bus to Papatoetoe enjoy the morning sun - billigerer bus Vorstadt vergnuegen normale preise school girls pupils in uniform city train Southern Line of the Auckland railway network old diesel polluter - vorortzug schueler

> the kiwis are starting to get a little
> edgey....they heard about some place called greece [or grease] is on a
> slippery slope [guffaw! sink drain laugh] ...ok ok a little
> schadenfreude...cheers everyone..snot funny i know.

So I hear.  Austere NZ government finally sees a little benefit for having less curruption.  The private profiteer sector however loves the corruption, greece is a reason for joy because the governments again do the bail out of private "investment" at great cost to the populace.
The scale is new.  Never before was so much money washed into the coffers of the undemocratic private owners. Industry, banks are awash with cash, they don't lend to each other, they don't invest in new production -- they all want to speculate with 100% safe "investments"...  government bonds.

Eurobonds rates see    Greece 1 yr 235 per cent !!!  Thank you! Speculators!

The UK-US propaganda has determined Greece, Portugal to be "extraordinary" debtors and the rest of europe is happy about it so that the value of the euro is not going through the roof. In reality Greece's debt is the same size as that of Kentucky.

The whole mega-billions "bail out" is a "scare the greek game" and neccessary to prevent a conjouned-group of mega speculators from doing what George Soros did to the british pound.

the British Conservative government was forced to withdraw the pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) after they were unable to keep it above its agreed lower limit. George Soros, the most high profile of the currency market investors, made over US$1 billion profit by short selling sterling.

In 1997 the UK Treasury estimated the cost of Black Wednesday at £3.4 billion, with the actual cost being £3.3 billion which was revealed in 2005 under the Freedom of Information Act (FoI)

On 16 September the British government announced a rise in the base interest rate from an already high 10 to 12 percent in order to tempt speculators to buy pounds.

hammer and sickle red star communist -for n by people - design - anti capitalism war imperialism - krieg imperialismus kommunismus

After the revolution speculators against the common good need to go to jail.

n'est-ce pas??

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