Friday, October 14, 2011

boring spa - 10 years afghanistan massacre

Reality check, Germany.
Everyone is so well off here, but they are sick, had a huge wound from a bloody operation and are recovering. The western financial powers are so well off, but they are sick, huge bloody massacres in illegal, murderous US wars. But we are not recovering. The USA bombings of foreign lands' brown people continue and more kill-mame robot-space weapons are manufactured, soldiers trained in "wet jobs" and new methods of terror and murders comitted in other people's homelands.
Crimes under Nuremberg and UN Charta. Those responsible must be punished.

9 october 2011
John Lennon would be 81 today, if he hadn't been murdered by a CIA/FBI Manchurian Candidate. Lennon was serious about using his world-wide namek-recognition for political activism, the job at hand: Make peace, jail the empire's war criminals.and cronies. This job needs a leader who can get people onto the streets and then storm the offices and pry open the secrecy, just like the east-germans did with the Stasi.

A reformed meaningful democracy, based on 3 principles:
Responsibility, Transparency and Powerk-Sharing. RTPS

This is the Icelandic credo for a new type of government of 2011, our government must comply as well.

Monday 10 October 2011
Progressive Relaxation. I recorded the hypno-suggestive talk. My food-table neighbor briefly fell aslepp and snored.

11h20 I am writing this while waiting for "heisse Rolle" (hot towel, rolled-up and moved over one's back), a type of massage.

11 october 2011

Today is prostate food day.
Vegetable Juice for breakfast, tomato soup, broccoli, salad, cranberry, nuts, fish (vitamin D, Omega-y), spring-roll with soy and green tea.
"vegetables, fruit and full grainproducts... By the multitude of secondary plant-matter (pflanzenstoffe) the risk of tumor diseases (also prostate, kidney and bladder) can be ameliorated. At the same time the risk of heart amd circulatory diseases is lessened."

Prostate Problems? Pommegrenade!

13 oct
Lunch - midday hot meal - today was Kassler with sauerkraut, verrrry tasty.

Telepolis blog had an article about probiotics, so I bought Activia danone yoghurt to help strengthen my immune-system with ActiRegularis culture (bifidobacterium animalis bb-12 subspecies lactis, and according to wikipedia ALSO lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus).
I also tried to buy lactobacillus rhamnosa in the local pharmacy, but they couldn't locate a brand-name for it

Try LGG Gefilus Vifit by Valio + verum by norrmejener + bion flore intime jarrow fem-dophilus for vaginal colonisation by chr.hansen + A'biotica by institut rosell + symprove probiotic.

A bit of googling revealed that there are few produvts, the research continues.
Studies have confirmed the benefit of probiotics to the immune system and digestion etc.

Friday 14 october

Morning Fog, 4 degrees, and warm sunshine in the afternoon. Time for lazyness. Fish for lunch, A walk under northern ozone hole solar UV radiation before dinner.

I went to the "wandelhalle" ambling hall where a band was playing 1920s musik "berliner luft" with double bass, violin, flute and two clarinets. Very nice.

Photos forthcoming, check

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