Monday, October 24, 2011

Marriage love Shack

Some classic photos:

Garden House Farrar Street
Garden House Farrar Street

1987 love shack
In Memoriam Linda Franks, Mt Roskill born 24 August 1960, aka Barbie, bfm-dj foster child, mother of three (patrick) died of hard drug crave stroke in April 2011. She prayed at Lourdes. Her father fought in WW2 pacific theatre. He said that the Solomon Islands was the most beautiful place on earth.

character bach granny flat painted windows
character bach granny flat
windows were painted later by Fritz Gerstenmaier
now operator of "Ben and Fritz's mobile cafe" "best coffee by far"
(woman's weekly)

A picture of the ferry trip:

Bluest possible sky - lighthouse - sail-boats - fluffly clouds
Note the bluest possible sky - lighthouse - sail-boats - fluffly clouds

more photos of that series:


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