Monday, November 28, 2011

Festival Arrival - election disaster

Satursay 19 November 2011
At 911 we leave the house, the bus/ferry local transport plan according to was to be unbearable. A bus to the ferry however turned up at the perfect time. Pure magic.
The wind was perfect for a wetsuit-windsurfer who was preparing his board and gear at the ferry terminal. About 10 passenger jump over a gap onto the tigercat catamaran zmr 2981, the sun is out, brilliant.
Wow, I managed to get a free 5.70 dollar ferryride by showing yesterday's "all day" ticket and covering the day with my thumb. The next bus is ready, and again I get in without paying with the same trick. This makes up for the overpriced "discovery day" 15 nzd ticket.
All day the festival was totally amazing. For those who don't know the ponsonby/grey lynn summer park concert lifestyle, go and experience it.
People bring their sofas, man! The air smells of the finest heads and people drink beer and chilled wine in the sun, while watching an awesome groovy chilly lounge reaggae band, che fu, united pacific. GLPF has the finest artists, crafts, food and this time even political parties because the general election is next week.
I told the young guys at "The National Party" about the ILO, parental leave, the UN charta etc, and you know what this future politician wanker said? He said "yeah, but international agreements are not bimding"

Monday 28 november 2011
Well? I arrived properly by now.. Been invited for dinners and computer jobs
The elections were a fiasco for New Zealand. The vulgar-capitalist banker got re-elected.

One needs to prevent the damage that this corporate wet dream government is about ti do. For me there is either activism or inactivism.

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