Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This non-person control system is adapted in the world's first.

Wonderful Korean Technology!!

For SamsungTechwin to be able to provide more accurate service to our customers please read and confirm. You are happy with the terms of service.

When the PC cannot find the images which are taken with Samsung camera or there is problem while installing driver, visit service centre and by connecting the site and the clicking the buttons, the PC settings will be automatically corrected.

I hereby allow Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd. to control my PC remotely by sharing the PC output on a temporary basis for the purpose of accurate and convenient troubleshooting , the whole process of which shall be monitored by me.
I hereby agree that I shall take any and all liabilities for system changes or loss of data that may arise from such service, and that I will not hold the Company responsible for any damages.

Domain Name :
Registrant :
Registrant Address : 14Fl., SamsungYeoksam Bldg., 647-9 , Yeoksam-dong , Gangnam-gu , Seoul , Republic of Korea
Registrant Zip Code : 135080
Administrative Contact(AC): kim hak chun
AC E-Mail : techwin {at}
AC Phone Number : 02-3467-7217
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