Friday, March 6, 2009

VoIP in New Zealand

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Forget Skype & Skypeout, this is a much better option for toll calls - without the delay of Skype, and calls are dirt cheap

Skypeout charge a connect fee of eg 8.2c then a per min rate eg 3.7c/54c to NZ landline/cellphone.

And i wont even mention what Telecom etc charge for tolls. For the equivalent of a $3 cap you could make 40 untimed toll calls to NZ or 70 countries !

BUT, With your phone plugged into this VoipBox you can make toll calls anywhere NZ for 2.8c p/min to a landline or 28c to cellphones. Call Oz for 1.8c /12c to cellphone. 1.4c to the UK, 1.8c to USA, 6.2c to india, 1.6c to china etc etc

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OR alternatively for $6 per month you can make 80 toll calls per month, UNTIMED, ie talk as long as you want, to 70 countries (incl. NZ) !!

What's the catch you say... nothing other than a little set up time (to setup your account online with a VOIP provider & setup this Voicebox with your pc)

Note: NO COMPUTER NEEDED (once setup)
You are not tied to your pc & your friends dont need to have their pc on, ie not like Skype.

This voipbox has a PSTN pass-through port so you can choose to use either the voip line or your Telecom line (PSTN) to make a call.

As this unit plugs in to ethernet you will need broadband of some type. I supply DIY setup instructions for my favourite voip providers.

This Grandstream Handytone HT-486 voipbox is the same as the old slingshot italk Voicebox only it isn't pre-setup or locked, you can use it with any provider you wish that allows you to bring-your-own device. It doesn't work with worldxchange as they only support specific ATA s eg the linksys spa series or pap2t. Neither does it work with Skype or skypeout as they are not proper voip. Also as far i'm aware Telecom doesnt offer a consumer SIP service or NakedDSL over their ADSL broadband.

ATAs (Analogue Telephone Adapters)
Connect your existing analogue phone to your internet router. Enjoy ultra-low call charges even when your computer is not on.

Analog Telephony Adapter VoIP Grandstream HT486

An analog telephony adapter, or analog telephone adapter, (ATA) is a device used to connect one or more standard analog telephones to a digital and/or non-standard telephone system such as a Voice over IP based network.

An ATA usually takes the form of a small box with a power adapter, one Ethernet port, one or more FXS telephone ports and may also have a FXO link. Users can plug one or more standard analog telephone devices into the ATA and the analog device(s) will operate, usually transparently, on a VoIP network.

ATAs are used by many VoIP companies selling a telco-alternative VoIP service, where the device is used to replace a user's connection to a traditional telephone company. When sold in connection with a VoIP service, the ATA is often locked so it cannot be used with a competing service, and the user can only partly change its configuration. Some providers do sell devices that are not locked and can be used with any compatible provider.

Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol native to Asterisk PBX and supported by a number of other softswitches and PBXs. It is used to enable VoIP connections between servers as well as client-server communication.

IAX now most commonly refers to IAX2, the second version of the IAX protocol. The original IAX protocol has been deprecated in favor of IAX2.

Voicebox ata linksys cheap phone line calls slingshot italk digital telecom broadband voip worldxchange pap2t spa voice box sip skype skypeout voip Warranty
Asterisk, Trixbox, FreePBX Product Code: GRANDSTREAM-HT-486-VDW-32PK

Grandstream HandyTone HT-486 ATA Analog Telephone Adapter

The Grandstream HandyTone 486 is a next generation Internet data, voice, fax and PSTN ïall-in-one integrated access device based on SIP standard.

The Grandstream HandyTone 486 is an extraordinary value at an extraordinary price and features a high-level of integration including an integrated router, NAT, DHCP server, 1 port FXS telephone gateway, and a PSTN pass through line for toggling operations between SIP and PSTN networks, market-leading superb sound quality, rich functionalities, and a compact design.

Grandstream HandyTone HT-486 ATA Features:

  • All-In-1 VoIP IAD
  • Full Feature Voice/Fax-over-IP
  • Built-in Router, NAT and Gateway
  • Telephone/PSTN/LAN/WAN Ports
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight
  • Highly affordable and effective IP solution
Grandstream HandyTone 486 ATA Basic Specifications:
  • Ethernet Ports - 2 RJ45 (LAN/WAN)
  • NAT/Router - Yes
  • DHCP - Client / Server
  • FXS Port - 1
  • FXO Port - No
  • PSTN Pass-through Port - Yes
  • Voice Mail Indicator - Yes
  • Voice Codec - G.711(a/?law), iLBC, G.723, G.729A/B, G.726-32, T.38(fax)
  • Remote Configuration - TFTP/HTTP

Note: FXO port allows local and remote PSTN-to-VoIP call origination and VoIP-to-PSTN call termination, automated call routing through PSTN, and power fail-over. PSTN Pass-through allows local PSTN line service for income/outbound call and failover.

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