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Cartoons - Capitalism - Crisis inherent

A system where a fictional and manipulable "method of exchange" ...

alters the real world of real people. When killing is profitable - this system will enable "behind desk perpetrators" to mame and murder without fear of real-world retribution.

What else is new?

Now we can do something about it. Join ATTAC.

Final Crisis of Capitalism latest - PROFIT - Casino - "put the lot on red 13"


Recovery!! Martin Rowson 2009

Bank pumps in another £50bn to aid green shoots of recovery
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Attac is an international organization and network in the global justice movement. We are resist neoliberal globalization and work towards social, Environmental and democratic alternatives in the globalization process. We stand for the regulation of financial markets, Closure of tax havens, Introduction of global taxes to finance global public goods, Cancellation of developing countries‘ debt, Fair trade rules and limits to free trade and unregulated capital flows.

Attac is active in 40 countries and about 1.000 local groups. Hundreds of member landet, organisations support the Attac network. The « Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions fo the Aid of Citizens“) was founded in France in 1998.

What does «neoliberal globalization» mean ?

This concept implies complete opening of all national markets with almost no restrictions with regard to social, democratic and ecological control and regulations. All these widen the notion of « freedom ».

The question is : Freedom for whom ?

The proponents of neoliberal globalization promise that unlimited opening of the markets will have a positive effect on the world economy. They believe that the more sectors of economy would be deregulated and privatized the more people would be better-off. They refer to education, health care, water supply and many other things.

But the question still remains: Are they right?

And if not : What are the effects ?

The wordy promises from these proponents have remained just that. They have not come true and have not been carried out. The gap between the rich and the poor within national societies and between the North and the South on the global level continues to increase. More and more people are living in poverty while the incomes of transnational corporations are constantly growing. In the meantime the neoliberal globalization is speeding up and extending the overexploitation of nature.
International financial markets are the engines of this development. Every day bankers and finance managers convert billions of Euros on the financial markets resulting in a harmful influence on the social processes.

This is the reason why Attac is asking:
Where is democracy?

The WTO (World Trade Organization), the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the World Bank and also the EU have set economic rules with little democratic legitimacy. Most international negotiations are carried out behind closed doors to keep them secret from ordinary and disenfranchised individuals. As a result, the interests of common people were seriously affected by the scale and the ramifications of agreements made in international institutions.

What does Attac want?

« People and nature before Profit!“ is the most important slogan of the alter-globalist movement. Attac believes that the list of primary political and economic goals should include improvement of living conditions, development of democracy and self-determination, effective protection of nature. Attac stands for an ecological, solidary and peaceful economic world order. The enormous wealth generated by the planet must be fairly distributed between its entire people!

What does Attac do ?

Attac organizes programs of public education in order to help understanding neoliberal globalisation and to trigger citizens' initiatives. We want to give everyone the opportunity to form their own opinion of complex economic issues and to join the Attac movement. With the support of our ‚expert teams‘ we work out analytical materials and proposals wich offer alternatives to neoliberal globalization. We see ourselves as part of anternational solidarity from below. We encourage people to take part in campaigns - internationally and locally - to make people aware and to make their protests more visible. Attac campaigns contributed to the halt of WTO negotiations, stopped many privatisation projects, helped to win the referendum against the EU constitution in France 2005, helped to introduce a first step toward international taxation (“air ticket tax”), stopped aggressive trade demands on developing countries and helped to cancel illegitimate Norwegian pubic debt in Norway.

We are many - we are not enough !

Attac is looking for activists and supporters. We believe that only a powerful movement can influence social development. Although every participant can decide him- or herself how this support should look like. The doors of all our 1.000 local groups all over the world are open. Attac alsa pays for campaign expenses within the confines of its budget. We are very happy to invite new members to our network. We appreciate every contribution to our struggle for justice.

Attac stands for alternatives

The democratic control of financial markets through tough limitations of capital flows and regulations such as general tax financial transactions (known as the Tobin Tax).

Closing down of tax havens.

The democratic control and restrictions for the activities of transnational corporations.

Cancellation of public debt of developing countries.

More effective taxation on financial incomes and big property.

A world trade order which advocates for the interests of the developing countries and socially discriminated groups of population, respects the priority of nature protection.

A democratic and social Europe which takes care of people’s needs and solidarity with other parts of the world. The European Attac’s agreed on the “10 principles for a democratic EU treaty”.

A democratic reform of public service system and the level of social protection that allows everyone the right to enjoy all social human rights such as health, education, care, housing. We stand against the privatization of public services.

A social and environment-friendly agriculture including the idea of food sovereignty and a halt on subsidised agricultural exports.

Civil and peaceful conflict settlement as well as non-violence in our own actions.

It is simply a question of taking back, together, the future of our world!

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