Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hospital -7- visitor early afternoon

I received a visitor, yey! Susan had her botox shot done today and came for a yap. She gets botox in the neck to stop her head from shaking, she has essential tremor.Not much to gossip about, but we slaged-off the hospital system a bit. She knows some appaling stories. It deserves it, there is not enough money for it, and taxes need be low to attract international locusts, er, investors.
The presbytarian's wife brought a bunch of fruitjuice cartons, and i got an orange/apple juice that i am mixing in with my large water intake, yey!
My bosnian roommate has a business woman friend who found him mobile phone charger and will get a lift to the airport with the minister's wife who is going to Onehunga. She flies to Wellington at 5 for 214 dollars. She asks the airline for phone number of the competition, and got it. New Zealand is a village, we all help out.
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