Monday, August 23, 2010

Drive Kaunas to Vilnius impressions

You can be like a skylark or an owl. (lithuanian saying). I am an owl. Actually, storks are the national bird. My ambassador's friend is an ornithologist who (re-) discovered a rare goose and got a price from a Norwegian institution.
Gas tank stop - Petrol is 4.08 lit per lit, i.e. litas per litre, or 1.2 euro. Lithuania is already on fixed exchange rate to the euro, 3.45 or so. On a monday morning rush hour traffic is not bad.
We are listening to euro-club-house-disco stomps on a 20w non-commercial station on 99.2fm, studio 7.
Also monitoring C8 on ch12am for radar speed traps (in town channel 19fm)
It is rainy and 17deg and the motorway is perfect. We are passing Elektrenai and its huge chimenys. A "electric generator town" with a russian-made load-levelling hydro storage lake nearby. They burn mazutas (tar) and use the Elektreny Marios lake for cooling water. I get a short mention of the great history here: Vilnius iron wulf founding legend - Gojaila poland historic shame chapter - Lithuanian prehistoric origin stories feature strange animals that could be crocodiles from Africa and animals from India. I must look it up on wikipedia.
We arrive at the cathedral, a suitably idiot-tourist landmark and meeting point, because it is absolutely huge (see above picture).
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