Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 2 in KIEV

Ukrainians need a visa for europe and usa-dependent countries, so many prefer travel to turkey, egypt, bulgaria, thailand, russia, kroatia, montenegro, georgia, etc.
When asking about the world's biggest whodunnit, the anwer was a clear "americans", ukrainians haven't had their common sense advertised out of them yet. I was even told to read The Running Man book (King), which foretold 911?
After the Kirilovskaya Church we saw the memorials for the most horrific crimes of nazi germany which all had fresh flowers, crimes that germans still need to be told about. Then the planetarium (per aspera ad astra, aristotle, kepler, newton) and a catholic cathedral, built in 1910.
We went for gluttony at The Puzata Khata restaurant and an early tram ride home as Monday is my museum day and my host's 9 to 5 work for a US-owmed corporation day.
Education used to be free
Ukraine is much less of a police state than russia where for examplle one must carry identity papers all the time.
Ukraine TV shows funny russian soaps, I saw a scene playing in a maternity ward where a doctor was conducting an ensemble of nurses and patients crying of pain to the tune of The Can Can (Jacques Offenbach). The powerful president Viktor Janokovich is a cruel and uneducated man who gre up in institutions and spenr time in jail as a common criminal.
Tomorrow is day 3
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