Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kiev day 5 - today last day

Today is the last full day in the Ukraine for a while. The plan is to visit another museum and to stay in the budget.
The artmuseum is open today, but i find art boring. Yesterday i was initiated into the hedgehog cult, and was told another secret of four ravens, but more on that later.
Took an adorable tram - again driven expertly by a ukrainian mama - to konstruktor square where i sat in the warmish morning sun for a while, overlooking a busy intersection. The drivers here are small minded, they almost ignore zebra crossings and even threaten pedestrians with their vehicles. I suddenly thought of nazi collaborators, but quickly turned to contemplating why the men here all try to look like mafia assassins - skinheads, black attire, big black threatening jeeps - and i tried to find a peacefully, colourful and free-spirit-looking chap with normal length hair.
At that moment a clownesque tourist-hippy with rucksack appeared out of no-where. But he stayed the only one. Worse, right next to me three men in military fatigues opened a manhole and various secret-service fbi/kgb/cia type guys appeared in black SUV s.
I was semi surrounded where i was leaning on a wall next to a cafe entrance, using their open hotspot, free public WiFi access point by UKRTELEKOM to send my lastest blog-posting (titled "day 4 afternoon") and the connection was slower by the minute.
Then they started to look at me ... Just in time, my upload was finished, and as if nothing had happened i walked away.

Of course nothing did happen, but for a moment hollywood - US military fascist - imagery had taken over. The orange revolution may be responsible. I bet that mamy CIA millions bought many corrupt men, and their phantasies revolve around assassinations and undue influence.
The traffic was at a standstill, so i was favoured as a pedestrian. I reached the funiculer cablecar and was just in time for lift-off. I arrived 100 meters higher and proceeded into the monastery for a moment of contemplation. Ten minutes sufficed and soon i was near the mysterious hedgehog figurine. As instructed by my mission chief my mission was to find a horse and 4 live ravens in a cage. I had been given written instruction in a language that i couldn't understand. Showing the missive to a nearby blond bombshell did not lead anywhere, she was too thick to even read it quietly. I felt like in elementary school. After a few unsuccessful attempts with other innocent bystanders i tried the old ladies in the coffee kiosk. They knew exactly where my target was, pointed in the general direction and said "ARK ARK".
From yesterday evening's brief i vaguely remembered that the mission objective would be hidden in a courtyard, so i scouted nearby backyards for signs of volieres. I had to wait a little while for people to pass by, then i jumped a fence to cross into other courtyards.
ARK ARK, was it under an arch?
Keeping a low profile i snooped around and finally, there it was! I saw a huge, black metal wire cage with some pretty big black birds! Quickly i took evidentiary photographs and communicated with the intelligent birds. After we arrived at pleasantries, the number-one raven flew to the cage floor, grabbed a stick as a symbol for the wand of power to release him, and he presented it to me through the mesh of his prison. I took it and promised to be back for my next mission.
I de-courtyarded through an unlocked gate, took two location identification photos to allow me to find the scene again and vanished into direction independence square for a hot cup of green tea (30c) on the way to a bortsh strength soup for lunch.
By now an arctic airflow made touristic frollicking difficult, so i decided to visit the bessarabian market.

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