Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 3, Kiev alone, discovery in a civilized land

Started the day with a tshudovo breakfast, then took the trolley bus 18 all the way to independence square. After a little sightseeing I had a nice cup of tea (chai) and did a few free skype calls from McDonalds free Wifi. Then walked around the grand boulevards and found the fat tummy buffet restaurant for a borsht soup for second breakfast, very yummy.

Off to the Brodsky synagogue where jewish visitors from New Jersey fulfilled their stereotypical american role perfectly, you can imagine all the attributes, holocaust tourism included.
I affirmed the unspeakable nazi atrocities but also mentioned briefly that 911 was an inside job to start wars - which was met with a sorrowful dismissal.

The 2001 Reichstag burning with 3000 real victims is just too big to be looked straight in the eye. After 9 years, western psychology is still not ready to accept that *we* do unspeakable crimes. The doctrine of the victor is alone in the cranium, dissident voices are clearly neptunian. The germans had it easier to understand their crimes. Propaganda was negated, truth allowed to be told.

Next stop, the science museum of natural history. Very impressive petrified wood megaliths on the front steps, bur the miseum itself was shut down.
On to the army museum. It was not to be found, only a building with machine gun salvo bullet holes, ho hum.
Walking through Kiev delivers lovely surprises around every corner, it is very enjoyable to walk in socialist wonderland, only obstructed by black jeeps of the filthy rich on the footpaths. There are thousands of black tinted window jeeps, pajero landrover mercedes gelaendewagen staffed by an army of bodyguards and drivers. The economic injustice must be huge. The Ukraine urgently needs to join the EU, and stop the excesses of private profiteers, and make them pay taxes for the common good, and keep public ownership. Easily done, just ignore the elite lobbies. The PEOPLE of Ukraine are diciplined and intelligent enough, if the LSE think-tank pro-business propaganda is countered by the appropriate documentaries and debates on TV. THE CORPORATION, yes men, and Perkins' "economic hitmen" are all on youtube and the learning curve is short, because the illustration by daily life.

Like, opposite of the Prime Ministter's palace there is the astonishing house of chimeras, a phantastic Gaudi-like assembly of frogs and bizarre animals, that perfectly takes the mickey out of the pompous elites and their deceptions against the public good.
A huge arch with amphitheatre celebrates the former russia-ukraine unity, dream castles (children's theatre) nearby. Next to Catherine the great's versaille-like palaces there is a tent-church of the homeless, complete with a garden plot and pigeon coup.
On the way to a huge monastery next to the gigantic ministry of foreign affairs (with a huge flag of the EU) i help a black jeep driver to change his tire.
After dark an animal rights demonstration, complete with TV-news coverage on indepedence square.
My perfect host called me from work, i need take care of my own dinner and come "home".
Back to a 5 euro feast at the caza, meat patties with cheese, fried potatoes slices, borsht soup, cabbage salad and a tasty carrot stew.
Back in number 18 trolley bus (15 euro cents) and VOILA, arrived without phoning home for help. We had tea and watched my photos, and had an early night. After a bit of tossing and turning a very restful sleep, into day 4.

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