Sunday, October 9, 2011

KUR - 3 oct 2011 spa resort

GOOGLE "progressive relaxation" +mp3 -- and you can download hypnotic instruction talks for PR.

With me, these sugestive voices don't work because I get tense when I hear the music (muzak), The slimy sounds they play in hell for me.

I caught the flu. Galactic quantities of snot ejection, a little fever but not much else, and, its winding down, slowlly (8 days now) .
I consider it to be Immune-system exercise.

4 october 2011

Another hot indian-summer day. I am praised for my photo-gallery of the surroundings - here in spa-town district in Hesse: have a look.

Wednesday 5 oct 2011

Another progressive relaxation session, and in the afternoon a lecture - with a russian lecturer who speaks very good german - about keeping one's body moving.

Walking 4km/hr speed, duration 1 hour, kills many birds with one stone.
1-2 times a week is maintenance.
3-4 times is progress
At the first sign of mobility problems, start maintenance! Check for good chairs, matress. Nordic Walking for compensation of bad sitting.
German Health Insuramce pays one time per year for prevention, pays for "mucki-bude" gymnastics group or fitness studio.
Stretching, (water-) gymnastics.
Max heartrate is 220 minus age. Untrained 70, trained 80 per cent of that is the best beat-frequency for endurance training. Get a pulse-wrist watch!
Muscles weigh more than fat.
Tai Chi.


When the scar is still red, go easy.on it.
It takes half a year before you should ride your bike after prostate surgery.

Thursday 6 october

Boredom. Eat food grub tucker.

Friday 7 october

Finally! The corporate owned TV news take note of "occupy wall street".

The german "pirate party" polls at 8 per cent NATIONWIDE. It got almost 9 percent in the Berlin county elections last week on a platform of transparency and civil rights, free public transport and abolishing electronic surveillance.

As you (should) know, our thinking is manipulated and our resulting behaviour studied intensely. Manufactured Consent is the desired outcome. We accept wars, hypocricy, injustice and inequality.
Just like the bankers, generals and spies want us to.
Occupy military bases, please.

Saturday 8 October

This evening we hope for clear skies. The draconid meteors might be spectacular. The rising, three quarters full moon males it less of a spectacle, but we hope for hundreds of shooting stars.

Instead, it was overcast and it rained at night.

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