Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A rrive island

2 dec 2011
On the boat was a jewish guy with a yarmulke, and i wondered if I should mention palestine out loud, while talking to two german wwoofers, but I decided to shut up; too cheeky. But the trickster GOD took up the idea and made the poor guy throw up over the side.
Andy gave me a lift, then shane, now i am sitting on a whaling lookout bench at Peter's.
Great arrival got perfect lift with quad-farmbike to the door.
I hear a big passenger jet overhead, IDEE: gr. Laufschrift "hello sg17 to Tokyo, please paypal-donate to xx@yy.zz for marine conservation education. Have a great flight"

3 dec 2011
I am voluntarily out of order. Also time-lapse filming a bush regrowth native tree valley for a few hours. Lazyness or relaxation.

5 dec
There was a six point something earthquake in wellington on saturday afternoon. It went "rumble rumble zig zag" and itt was over. One big sidewats jolt. A woman from Christchurch was present with my friend and she recognized the rumble sound, while my friend thought is was the xat on the tin roof.
Yesterday and today down here it is raining cats and dogs, just when the washing was hung up to dry. There was to thunder-rolls and one lighting. This warm northerly tropical weather is great, the big foggyness.

First time in a week I listened to the corporate embedded news from the only ationwide radio-network that this country has been allowed to keep by our vulgar capitalist owners, the public broadcaster but their newsteam is conforming to the corporate dogma and therfore it is better NOT to be infiltrated. Although they have some good programmes, like "media-watch" generally the elites managed to castrate it, especially the news, which is very whitewashed and USA-apologetic. The news-editors should listen US of Angst's own propaganda station, Voice of America, which is -- in a desparate effort to retain a smithen of credibility -- actually reporting on USA mass murder much more factually.
But no radio/TV news can match DEMOCRACYNOW:org -- currently the most informative actualities station (out of washington dc) -- DemNow actually has the guts to SOMETIMES report on the CIA-military-banker criminals and lift the secret-service curtain a bit.
Nobody should fool themselves. 90 per cent of all IMPORTANT seemingly democratic decisions are undermined and perverted by secret agencies and thei deceptionw and planting of false evidence, and their strangehold over "public opinion" - published opinion.

A fine day is beginning..

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