Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hospital -10- day 3 - prescan

I am now sitting in a wheelchair (yes they insisted to ferry me to radiology in a wheelchair) in the hallway in front of the holiest. Through the door i can see the siemens somaton sensation scanner monstrum.
A lovely bald humorous maori bed-pusher appears and I ask whether that is my scanner. Yes, it is.
I must look worried, because he volunteers: "There will be questions when you light up like a christmas tree".

They wheeled-in another patient in his bed, doors close. The "X-RAY ON" sign lights up for a second, after a while it lights again. I am sure they can't even have the patient on the table yet. But in the next moment his bed and him in it come rolling out again. Wow. They are quick.
Mine was much longer.

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