Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hospital -8- wait for scan

4 p.m.

My scan is going to be either tonight or tomorrow.
Change of nurses.
Nurse Aaron is a young man, doing nursing for now, wants to research, finds human body marvellous.

7 p m

Dinner was bangers with mash and a very tasty dessert, chef's choice, jelly, foamy white stuff on a moist crumbly base. I read the new scientist with a kick-arse article by jared diamond. A book "natural experiments of history" is about 29 patches of germany under napoleon, haiti vs dominican republic and cholera in london 1854. Great history comparisions, like different polynesian island settlements and - maybe most interesting of all - banking systems in three postcolonial american countries, usa brasil and mexico.

And, you know, when one is bored and has time to kill, one actually reads articles that one previously deemed dispensable. Of course, ivariably, those articles turn out to be interesting. The/article on question was one about how the body determines one's rhinking.
A welcome reminder that older men have an obligation to listen to rap-music to avoid becoming inflexible. Time wasted is time tasted, as my old songwriter friend Michael Steel (son benjamin) used to sing.

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