Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ryan Air Boeing 737-800

Captain Nicholas Chadmumble and first officer Arab Accent from England let us wait on the gangway in the driving rain.
Wet passenger aboard, we have to wait for takeoff clearance.
Like on the inward flight the plane is about 90 per cent full, which is surprising if one considers that tickets are cheap, mine was 9.99 Euros (really! That's all I paid!). Presumably the empty seats are just no-shows, i.e. people who changed their minds and wrote off the money.
Sitting next to me is a gorgeous francophone woman who laughed enthusiastically when I told her that her french sounds so beautiful, but I can't understand a word. Ho hum.
My geiger counter shows 2.8 microsievert per hour once we reached cruising altitude. On the leg to Kaunas it was over three. Maybe the earlier daytime makes a difference? Probably it is rather the reduced solar activity today.

Beneath are landscapes full of lakes and farms, forests and villages. The Baltic states have a great future, if they can keep out the locusts (usa style capitalist profiteers). I can tell, from 37 thousand feet.
After landing (with applause) i spot a United States war aeroplan A10 warthog landing behind us. Probably training for the global war for private ownership and protection of traditional western blackmail aquisitions. Welcome to NATO. And don't ever wikipedia "strategy of tension".

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