Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Leaving Kaunas, see you later Lithuania

Oh no! More crying babies on the plane, I am sitting here in the departure lounge, and apart from babies crying the are to chubby chicks talking and laughing loudly (see picture).
The entry in today's almanac: Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hofman (yippies) threw 1000 single one usa-dollar banknotes from the visitor's gallery above the nyse new york stock exchange into the trading floor. And the stockbrokers interrupted dealing with millions to pick up the miserable amounts of cash. A tale of virtual and real money from 1968.
One hour until takeoff. More babies are appearing and a horde of little boys, who seem to be (too) well-behaved.
I again marvel at the magnificent wooden floor. Kaunoites have taste.
Like yesterday! I was invited for sauna with snacks. I ate tasty fat pieces with onion, and duely sweated.
Ok, we are nearly boarding, On the taxiway I can see a private jet VP-CFW being greeted by a solitary official in high visibility yellow. Three males step onto the tarmac International fraudsters? Mafia? A privatization that will steal people-owned property? .. and make it tradeable among the elite owners of the global casino - with instrumental aiding and abetting and collusion with bankers who create the money/credit out of thin air for the deal? Very possible.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

international mafia... cayman islands (tax fraud haven) VPCFW

VP-CFW. Hawker Beechcraft. Corporation. 390 Premier. RB-189. Fowley Services Limited.

(ex N7189J) until 2007
ICAO24 A99D61
Beech 390 Premier IA

exported to Cayman Islands

Coat of Arms on the plane, which flies G. Boos, examines the North-West transport prosecutor's office
Kaliningrad Arms!

August 25, 2010 at 5:20 PM  

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