Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Landed in Brussels CRL, sunshine and arabs.

Landed in Bruxelles Sud, Charloi airport in a utter, utter multicultural setting. Two guys from Morocco make fun with the (white Beligan) bus-driver, who makes the french-berber-arabs laugh heartily. The two north-africans and the Belge clearly have almost eye-waterin fun. The bus is full, but they make loud jokes about children and ask everyone to move closer together to fit a few more people in the bus. At the next stop we squeeze in three black african folks, who immediately join in the merry-making in the front of the bus (illegally in front of the line) and all are having laughs, about dollars, drugs, jobs and work, police and immigration and all kinds of highly informative things - many of which would without doubt get them arrested in the US of Atrocities or even straight into Gitmo. A blond lady smiles when she sees me taking footage, but most terrorists, oops tourists, -- in our bus to Charleroi Gare -- seem non-plussed.
Earlier, one of the Marroccan guys flashed his passport briefly. A european national, his passaporte looked like a total mess, dirty, folded pages - a most grubby identity paper.
In the USA he would be arrested for that alone. He and his mate look like from central casting for a hollywood action thriller about brave white people defending the american way of life from hordes of arabic fun loving suicide assassins. In Charleroi the busdriver wishes them a jovial "bon voyage".
The train to Bruxelles Midi is a brand new double-decker carriage. It runs very quietly! When we arrived in Braine-L'Alleud the conductor steps into the carriage with a friendly "Bon Jour MesDames et Messieurs".
He validates line 4 (of 10) of my "10 trips on all beligan railways (74 euro) " ticket.
Venturing outside the station to the rue de Fiennes, rue jorez to get some spa mineral water. Amazing street scene mix of earth's wonderful diverse human beings. A great kebab place, pizza, alimentation for travellers' needs.
Back inside the station, next to "Sam's Cafe" I find a carrefour express. Very expensive supermarket items, but one could make a huge impromptu sandiwich from their bread rolls and prepackaged ham, salami or cheese maybe.
I take the 15h57 intercity from Ostende to Eupen and again it is a very nice, modern car with 4 seats around a little table.
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