Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 5 mission accomplished

Having accomplished rhe morning mission - find 4 ravens - and successfully gratuitously wasted much of the afternoon observing the heavily class-structured locals and their class comatose unconscious shopping habits, now is the time for a warming up with hot soup, and a chance to update the blog.
The bessarabski market was interesting to look at, but nobody spoke english. The lady behind the coffee bar spoke italian! I was able to make a simple price enquiry, at last.
KAVIAR KAVIAR shouted a woman from one of the kaviar stalls. Useful information for the visually impaired!
I climbed on a ledge to take a panorama photo of the colourful scene underneath a massive steel framed construction. I wandered between fish, meat spices, fruit, nuts and flowers, very well presented and quite ethnic.
back outside in the freezing cold a non-stop honking contest was happening. The big boulevard and all side streets were full of stationary cars, traffic was halted, probably since 15 minutes or longer.
Here the black maseratis were equally disabled as the old Ladas. The sidewalk was moving with desperatly poor people right next to the princess daughters of the corrupt rich elites who run around with Zara bags and try shoes in the adidas store where normal sneakers cost 100 euro.
Ukraine, like new zealand is a low value economy, good as a milking cow for corporations of all sizes. Cheap educated and skilled labour is competing for jobs. Ownership is in the hands of a tax-defrauding corrupt privateer class, who shamelessly flaunt their wealth and ruthlessly manipulate the public and all government they can lay their greedy hands on..
The state probably owns only the unsalvagable and the debt. I wonder if a just government will come to the ukraine without the EU providing the rules.

I caught a minibus to the metro station Лукянівська, then went 1 station to Золоті Ворота, than changed lines from green to red and from Театральна to Вокзальна 2 more stations .. and, voila, i arrived at the main railway station!
Bus number 322 was already waiting, and while is all other busses passngers were nice and quiet, this time a mother was constantly indoctrinating here daughter. At 1 am i arrived at borispol airport which was full of people. The first outgoing flight is at 4am. (egypt and turkey are visa free for ukrainians)
There is good wifi (2k net) upstairs, the jacobs coffee machine makes a great sweet hot lemon tea and ukrainians have a luggage wrapping fetish.
(see photos above)

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