Thursday, October 28, 2010

Loreley blogging

It is almost ten pm and i am sitting in a railway carriage zooming past illuminated german castles and river-bends along the mighty Rhine river.
There is another passenger train on the opposite shore, travelling at the same speed as us, as we are overtaking cars and shipping. A brilliant clear full-moon-night outside, and hundreds of mute passengers inside. In the bistro carriage hot soup, full meals, wine and cold beer can be bought at reasonable prices. An ownerless newspaper was spotted. The corporate-whore BILD AM SONNTAG was predictably full of huamn interest stories that are designed to increase desires and news about hollow celebrities to bind people to an artificial reality, meticulously avoiding participation in the real societies decisions.
That, and advertisement is 99 per cent of that doctrinal perception-management business.
The wikileaks release of the Iraq war crimes evidence got a short but fair mention on page 4, and there was a favourable article about the Nissan Leaf all-electric car, which was actually informative (under 2 euro power cost per 100 kilometres, dashboard guide to range and fast charging stations in the vicinity, 220km range, top speed 130km/h).
After a second walk through the nice old IC intercity train, a STERN magazine turned up, which had an interesting article about dinner table style and etiquette. The interviewed expert recommended the return of the "Messerbaenkchen" a knife-rest.
Childhood day's memories.
Cologne main Train Station was still busy at midnight and there was enough time for the customary photo of the ginormous cathedral.
Well travelled, my son.
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