Saturday, October 23, 2010

(C)old germany report

The current manufactured psychological mass-hysteria in Germany is all about INTEGRATION of foreigners.
A CIA war must be in the making.
German presstitutes have no shame to repeat the words "Leitkultur" (guiding-culture) and "integrationsunwillig" (unwilling to integrate) ad nauseum.

Today I am taking a train to southern Germany, it is almost midday and we leave exactly 54 seconds late. About 3/4 full, comfortable, quiet and only young passengers aged 20 to 30.
I estimate the speed to be 160 km/h, very meditative atmosphere,except for the loud station announcements and frequent stops.
During breakfast I listened to Bernhard Schlink on ABC Radio National talking about RAF Baader Meinhof Terrorism, criminally omitting to mention the culpability and duplicity of the agents of the elites who not only aided and abetted budget-enlarging terror, but really controlled it for hegemony.
Google GLADIO and follow the current VERENA BECKER case if you doubt, and tell Mr Schlink to dare to say what must be said - for democracy's sake.

Whizzing by forests of windpower giants (enercon, mitac, fuhrlaender), alongside of the new big diameter hydrocarbon pipeline (russian gas to Rotterdam?), methane-from-landfill stations and forests, fields and villages we conversations in our carriage get livelier.

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