Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ukraine signing off - Hallo Germania

Check-in opened shortly after 4, passport is all you need, they know the booking number. The girl behind the counter spoke excellent english and i surmised that she hadn't had much sleep. She smiled and rolled her eyes and our small talk ended with a hearty smile following my last tshudovo for a while.

Passport control was a formality, I was all body scanned (L3 scanner) and had a cup of green tea for 11 hrivna. Then waiting at gate 2. Boarding starts, we go into a transfer bus.
Still in darkness we step from the tarmac up the gangway into the the ukrainian registered hungarian Airbus 320 UR-WUA. There is free choice of seats,
We are treated to an endless litany of ukrainian blather. The steward's english was understandable. The english announcements are better if they are unintelligible. The captain Alexander K sounds like a 60 years old ukrainian, he tells us that we wont see kiev because there is a 1000m cloud base.
6:03 the engines are started. More loudspeaker blah blah.
the last hrivna were well spent on a cup of tea (2300 kopecks) and some one-hrivna banknote were leftover for souveniers (worth 10c each).
German customs was quick, electronic data was read from my chip passport, german train-ticket machine (made in swirzerland maybe) took 20 seconds to print a ticket for 15 euro and the train to cologne was immediate, fast and full of reading people. High quality newspapers almost without adverts, very quiet, nearly solemn, boring.
Change train at Koeln hbf. Visit awesome cathedral, everything super silent.
If I wouldn't know better I'd say I'd gone deaf. Train leaves on time, air is warm and feels clean. Germany in 2010 is pretty unbeatable, people are leger and look healthy, wealth is not flaunted, there is no overcrowding or excitement of any sort. The green party has overtaken the social democrats, peace and prosperity, and unaware of the 21st century colonialism, by way of USA wars and economic oppression from the desks of power. The konzentration camps were planned and executed perfectly from desks in offices, today the master dokuments and secret orders are held in computers, encrypted, and discloses on a need-to-know-basis.
This is how the 11th of september was executed and covered up. People world-wide know it, but powerless to uncover the conspiracy.
The lack of democracy in anglo-fascist west support the PERMANENT GOVERNMENT of the bank-CIA-corporate nexus Eisenhower famously warned us against. The CIA's killing of JFK was the watershed, and Bush41 can't remember where he was.
Here in Germany the government has denied the recent USA euro-terror warning, "operation mockingbird (check wikipedia)" is ongoing.

so, what's the verdict?

After all the countries that i have seen, the differing cultures and languages, the big discovery is that there are really only two types of people...

Women and Men


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