Sunday, October 2, 2011

Arrived Germany April

Sorry for posting this so late.

Easter Tuesday 2011

Arrived in germany after a 11 hour flight on a miserable, antique Lufthansa 747 jumbo. 25 years old and even the seats are that old. Inedible catering.

Frankfurt Airport as clean and efficient as ever, passport control a formality, and in the Fernbahnhof there is a REWE supermarket that has averything, and that a normal prices. I bought a big buffet salad that I assembled from artichokes, peppers, salad, brocolli and cauliflower with native olive oil and balsamico dressing, a roll with original hungarian salami, buttered and mad for me, for 2euro88. I bought two apple-lemon-lemonade 0.75 litres at 99 cents each (plus 15c deposit), and Danone probiotic Muesli yoghurts with ActiRegulance patented organisms.
My train was 10min late. I showed my ticket to one of the train conductors, asking about me missing the train-change to Cologne in Mainz (my pre-bought internet ticket does not allow deviations from schedule).
He practically threw me from my train and said "there, on the other side of the platform, take that train, it goes to Cologne, and yes it will be alright.
And it was. I got the 300km/h train that stops only once, instead of the 250 km/h one, In the train I talked to Stefan who was in New Zealand only two weeks ago and explained a few fact that germans are ill informed about, had my salami-roll and Salad, and then I was in Cologne already, wow. As my friend Stuart said in a recent email: "civilisation?! aaaaahhhhh!".

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