Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hospital -11- day 3 - ct-scan

The lovely filipino girl told me that i will have a feeling of having wetted my bed when they inject the contrast agent.
Great. That's going to be exciting! I can't wait. She filled out a form with standard questions, and she laughed when it said "are you pregnant". I like that. She must have done it many times and she still got a giggle out of it. Lovely.

Then Jennifer, a red-head spunky sex bomb, led me into the holy temple room with the altar, the holy siemens scanner. It looks like it just landed from the future. Jennifer and yet another bombshell laid me on my back onto the flatbed scanner and gave me a mental rub-down of the procedure. Then they disappeared into the spaceship controlroom. After looking at the machine i turned my head around to the window with the girls behind it. What i saw were half a dozen beauties, elegantly studying computer screens, probably eagerly awaiting to see my internal organs. That ridiculous idea was instantly punished by a sharp pain in my left arm. I felt my bloodstream being invaded by a hostile substance, it rushed to my brain in a second, my mouth tasted akrid-metallic - as promised by the filipino girl - my whole body suddenly started to cook, a truely frightening experience. Then the computer voice told me to breathe-in and hold it. I expected the bet-wetting to begin, but it did not eventuate. Instead my body unfried and the machine-whine wound down, the spaceship had landed again..
Much relieved I was quickly escorted out of the temple of the vestalian virgins by busty Jennifer. She gave me delicious water to drink and showed me to the "washroom". Like in Bitter Moon I was told to sit back in my wheelchair, and wait to be ferried back to the ward.

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