Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hospital -12- day 3 - evening

My room-mate Basil (64 and peeing blood, prostate) gave me reading tips, - human bondage, somerset maughan, East of eden, steinbeck, of mice and men - his favourite books. I gave him a list with my favourites. As i found out about a new book in the minister's "New Scientist", and basil is a well educated amateur historian, i included Jared Diamond's "Natural experiments in history",
Amara, the loveliest filipino nurse -- all roommates were already firm members of her fan-club and singing her praises -- gave me a customary bloodpressure, oxygen saturation temperature and heart-rate-oracle. I waited for my last supper and chatted with the two remaining mates (the minister left for home while i was scanned by priestresses) about christianity, astrophysics and kidneys.
Dinner came, ham and tomato quiche, whole potato and chunky carrot mash, and macaroon cake.
Then it was time to go. But while i waited around to relax and calm down the suggestion was made to stay another night. The gypsy in me would enjoy that, i asked and was permitted to do so.
Basil was picked up by his beautiful daughter, who is a christian unlike her atheist father, now we are three, we have a new room-mate Fiu, who is a Niuean.
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