Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kolln ruhrgebiet


Yey! I was treated to a night out.
Theater "die Indianer vom Revier" with Sigi Dohmke, Silke Volkner, Axel Schoennenberg, Martin Zaik, Ute Schuetgens,in the Mondpalast in Herne
The technical term for this kind of theatre/cabaret is "Revierfolklore". There was a anticapitalist theme, the Internationale was sung loudly, and some of the audience used the opportunity to sing the revolution evergreen at the top of their lungs. A real highlight.
The story is as old and up-to-date as communism, Marx and feudalism version 2.0 .. Foreign finance-empires take over state assets, subsify fraud, PR lies amd irresponsible management. If you want to see a fantastic film of the same genre, check out "Fierce Creatures" with John Cleese and the Fish called Wanda crew.


A lovely walk through beautiful autumn colours, many citizens were out for a walk im the sunshine.
The tram-ride was different in that the tram itself was very quiet and the passengers were talking profusely.
A nice walk from Heumarkt to the main traain station.
Cologne offers a free entry into the museum ludwig on every first thursday every month, as long as you can borrow am id that identifies you as living in cologne.
The 1560 construction stop of cologne cathredral was caused by a change to currency that could be hoarded. An "interesting theory", but the Dom info office history department women were more interested in their jobs than in the truth and declined to follow it up by email or otherwise. Check the "Dioezesanbibliothek", ho hum.

Finally! At last! A train that was packed and late! There wasn't even standing room in second class, so decision was made for this blog author to sit down in first class and enjoy the view from a quiet compartment and a wide seat, onto the smoky airpollution particulate matter over industrial heartland of the rhineland.
Two young people enter my area and I tell them to resign to first class and have a seat (and for total cheekiness I added that they should stop smacking "schmatzen" with their chewing gum "kaugummi", because in first class that is really inappropriate ;-).
They stopped the animalic munching noise and sat down on the armrests (!) -- instead of the seats.

You know why there can never be a revolution in Germany? Because that would mean that people will have to step om the lawn.
These two don't want to be caught (he knew it to cost 40 euros) by a ticket controller who might be levitating over the heads of the jampacked 2nd class in order to fine them for class fraud.

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