Sunday, April 24, 2011

Arab drifting - BongMaster - leaving the southern hemisphere

Auckland airport departures.
The privately owned airport is relaxed, but a little grotty, and full of awful, rampant commercialism. The ugly spawn of bankers, investors and corporate fraudster's phantasies.

Two hours til boarding.
Scores of young german girls and some middle-aged chinese workers are prominent in the usual babylonian 21st century kiwi-mix. Africans notably absent, fat americans too.

One hour til boarding time. My crew files past me, 20 young chinese ladies in Air New Zealand gray uniforms, looking a tad jaded.

A Tv is blaring closeby, I wish i had bought a TvBeGone, the universal TV-off-switcher.

Inside the Boeing 777-200er
I put on the headphones and I hear the most excellent stoner-dub o channel 1, kiwi-fm, Manuel Bundy "whats my dub", awesome track. The headphones have acceptable sound, yey.
Cpt Chris Williams, PA announcement 11h55m flight time. Robin campbell, 2nd officer james jarmels. All announcements also in chinese. Babies are crying.
Other good tracks: Gomennasai-jet jagaur (bleep music), Collie Herb Man - Katchafire (sola rosa remix) during pushback, safety video does not start, crew gets their manual demo gear, (great, my dub-reggae, continues a little longer), man like me- dub terminator and high frequency - best of all (download mp3) ape to angel - pitch black.

11h20m flighttime to go, 60 tons of fuel to burn. There is only one thing to do: chill out with the music from the blue room. Ambilliance - jens buchert, cafe de la plage - groovecatcher, desert - emile simon, tansania - george f zimmer, all right - gardner,

Dinner was excellent, ruccola salad with lemon vinaigrette, salmon with mash spud, peas n corn, straberry spungs cake with cream, great chinese tea and a nutty new zealand syrah.

body language/interpr-booka shade, love to the rhythm-noiseshaper, don't matter - various artists,

We are above norfolk island, going towards noumea (new caledonia).

let go - gabriel n dresden,

True airspeed 898 kmh, heading 326, 10hrfm to destination, altitude 13363 meters, head wind 70 km/h,

all you need - sola rosa (!)

Distance to destination 8121 km, mach 0.83, auckland time 1:08 a.m. , outside air temperature -47 degrees celsius

hold tight london - the chemical bros, triumphant - royksopp, cafe dell mar - energy 52 remic, weapons of choice - fat boy slim, everythimg - jehro, selling england (original mix) - dinka, deep town - various, honeycomb - nathan haines, let love shine - rike boomgaarden, further from home - groove catcher, binman dub - international oobserver, angels - wax poetic feat. Norah jones, freak local - salmonella dub,

I started stephen hawkins audiobook "a briefer history of time" to fall asleep to, and it worked! I slept for 7 hours? Dozed another hour and when i woke up (8:49 nz time) we were between yap and guam, over challenger deep. (*not*)

For the second time I measure radioactivity, 1.5 micro sievert ... Only up 15 times from normal at groundlevel.
Not too bad.


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