Sunday, April 17, 2011

Auckland city

The captain told me "go to and see where the natalie schulte is in the moment".

It's sooooooo lovely to take the ferry boat, the aluminium catamarans are so quiet and stable, when the weather is fine like today - the 1st of April - and the is no stress. Arriving in Auckland though, the hellis noise starts with a asphalt-grinder. The traffic is very noisy and the train - hello! - is like riding on the actual motor itself. I went to the chinese embassy (Ellerslie train station) to pick up my visa. At the entrance one has to push a button and get a number printout.
Habitually i got two numbers, then 10 minutes later another one. I chatted up the people waiting outside and gave the danish danske moebler guy with the "i am rich watch" a grilling. He didn't know the fundamentals and professed that he chose to live where the are low' non-progressive taxes, and that he moved away from denmark because of that. He liked the USA because it has low taxes (for people like him, preumably).
After I received my 140 dollar visa I tried to sell my spare numbers' but no takers that had cash on them. Next time I'll have to streamline the enterprisE by taking 5 tickets, THEN another two every ten minutes then hussle all the rich latecomers and - most importantly - start an auction/bidding process... And tell them that the next money machine is accross the road. The game starts at 1400 and ends at 1600 Monday to Friday.
If going with two friends, one could get a few 20 dollar notes and do a fake bidding amongst the stooges. That would be fun and worth filming the faces.

A friend of mine had a ripped' slightly more that half of a 20 new zealand dollar banknote. He went to two banks and both said the same. He would get 10 dollars for it. Amazing! In other countries the person that has 51 per cent gets the whole amount, I think.

10th of April
Back on the ferry boats to the island, i met a swiss woman from christchurch. She told me how the earthquakes in Christchurch felt. A true horror-trip.
Thr september quake was at 4 in the morning and lastet 45 seconds, like it would never stop. The February one at lunchtime was more destructive but only 15 seconds.

I had a lovely time on the island, but now I am back in the big stink. I gave the last clip ferry ticket to my good friend who picked me up from the the foot of college hill, fed me and gave me a bed..

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