Friday, March 11, 2011

on the boat again

Full Monn, 18th of February, and on the ferry to the island again. The third clip on the 462 dollar 10 trip ticket. I forgot my waterbottle in the car, but the fish-market next door to the terminal sold big 3dollar bottles of italian medium sparkling mineral water, lucky find.
The day is most perfect, visibility is 100 miles, marvellous.
My Astronomical Pocket Diary informs me that today is the 150 th anniversary of the signing of the peace treaty between Black Kettle and White Antilope, the National Day of The Gambia (1965) and Nepal, and the birthday of Alessandro Volta (1745) after whom the unit for electrical potential (volt) is named.
The boat passengers were nice to talk to, older men interested in boating/fishing/navigation/politics and the older ladies interrogating me on personal details. Captain John, probably in his sixties, drove the boat close to the coast, then turned around to have the big ocean swell coming from behind and we all got sprayed with gushes of sea-water, girls screaming. I spotted whales blowing maybe 200 yards away, dolphins rode the bow-wave and thousands sea-birds all around.
Landing and unloading the boat was routine, now relaxing in paradise with lovely compagnions.
19 February. the sun was so hot that the solar hot water had to be used and i had a long hot bath in spring water. Cost fee, naturally. Afterwoards we went for a swim in the bay, magnificent.
Jacqui brown peter mclennon playlist
The beats real flip
Black sun the politic sisique
Wanna be starting michael jackson
Beyonce sweet dreams every night i rest in my bed fairytale
Good girls go bad daddy's little girl
New in town little boots
Linkin park new divide i remember black skies
4 my pepys
Hold you close i knowyou have to leave my heart feels cold
Lethal dub
Bonkers dizee rascal
The veronicas untouched
Noisettes don't upset the rhythm
Ken hison return the favour
Esmee denters outta here
Cascada evacuate the dancefloor
Mariah carey obsessed
Mr hudson supernova
Pussycat dolls - hush hush
Future pop idols - poppholla
Florida nelly furtado - jump
Freemasons heartbreak make ....

Like on the day of the vhristchurch earthquake, 27 fen, today i am in the hotpools again (7mar). The upper middle pool is mo lomger nuclear furnace hit, zmd this time i am soaking at night under the starry sky, with my fun friend.
We talk about astronomy and people gossip, i saw one shooting star and one faint satellite.
Oops, there was an eruption abd some very hot water is entering the pool. It seems to do that every 2 minutes, how interesting.

9 march 2011
I am alone on the beach, enjoying the vast area of beau in the sun.
Yesterday and the day before i had mussels for dinner. We were on the beach in the afternoon and it was low tide, so i braved the crashing waves and plucked the evening meal off the rocks.
The were very very tasty.
perfect day, sunshine, warm and brilliantly beautiful.

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