Sunday, March 20, 2011

Island life march 2011 - Venus - Lybia

Brilliant morning star Venus above the Moon sickle. Early morning before sunrise surprise.
17 March
Happy St. Patricks Day from the island. I have just uploaded new photos: and life is slow here. I was alone for a few days, very nice. There was too much hot water, and 12V power, so I was forced to take a hot bath every day and watch movies. Yesterday I saw the "Green Zone", a US-american violence glorifying war movie that, if one thinks about it, makes the case for hanging George W. Bush.
CARGO was another highlight, a swiss feminist science fiction movie, that ought to be seen on the biggest screen that you can muster. Its message is that we all live in a matrix world and we should be happy organic farmers. Exactly up my alley! I eat gerkins and tomatoes from our garden every day. We have too many gerkins.
Today some friends came around and we went to the beach for snorkeling, they brought phantastic kingfish steaks (and beer: Pisces natare opportet).
Today was also the first day I had to take the car, i bought 6 litres of petrol for 24 dollars. Reminded me of the french OIL documentary i saw a few days ago. It made it plain that the Baron owners of Standard Oil (Rockefeller), BP, Shell and the Deutsche Bank were all willing to do genocide and arguebly causes world war 1 and 2. Standard Oil was never stopped or even prosecuted for soing business with Nazi Germany during THE WHOLE LENGTH of the war.
Things are much better now, or are they?
At least EU-Europe (except UK-England)has agreed to stop using black operations. Google "Gladio".
We have to be on guard, stay well informed and DO NOT WATCH TV to defend what is left of democracy against the onslaught of psychological warfare.
Google INCUBATOR IRAQ and watch the youtube videos.
End of public service message

We ate Paua, Lobster and Kingfish for tea. Our diver-fisher-master-chef now has a home here, too, especially when the US-canadian finance disaster strikes, or one of the few hundred nuclear power stations blows up, like the "earthquake-proof" reactors in Japan.

20th of March
Today on Full Moon I am again on the boat to the big city to run a few errants. The wild-Western nations again bomb and mame and kill in a foreign oil-country, again telling us it is the fight for freedom and democracy. Lybian children loose fathers and Boeing and EADS are again saved from bankrupcy. Our tax money spent for corporations, for private profits. Libya has the best oil, it is easy to refine. Please listen how often "the news" mentions OIL. If they do, there will be PR that accuses them of not being "neutral" of even prone to conspiracy theories.
Interestingly the word conspiracy theory was invented by the CIA, a researcher did a lexis-nexis through TIME magazine and New York Times, and it only appeared after the CIA memo that used it and gave advice how to counter the arguments that JFK was murdered by a conspiracy.
If you email me or leave a comment below I will find the mp3 file talk for you, where I got this from.

I also heard that finally after all these years USA TV viewers may be allowed to see Al-Jazeera.
Now that Al-Jazeera is supporting the bombing, they are close to a deal with USA TV operators, so that US-Americans *may* be able to receive AlJazeera, too, like the rest of the world. Maybe the revolution WILL be televized in USA, but don't hold your breath for it.
My Astronomical Pocket Diary iPhone app ( ) says that today is the birthday of Henrik Ibsen 1828 and Spike Lee 1957. Read something or download an audiobook by Ibsen, he was a very good writer. And maybe see a Lee Film, not bad.
Today is also the independence day of Tunesia 1956. Leave a comment below if you know what happened today in Tunesia, we get no news from there. This could mean that there are socialist developments, you know, like PRO-PEOPLE rather than pro-private-owners being made.
Tomorrow is NowRuz, happy new year, Iran, Kurdistan and the Rest!
I will go to a Tariq Ali lecture about the USA empire tomorrow, we'll eat "Murder Burgers" before, we have vouchers. Quite fitting. I am sure our western cynicism will allow them to stay down, we all profit from cheap oil, we need to prepare to defend our right to have oil in 10 years, the right to bomb for humanitarian reasons. Cynically the humans we mean ... are we.
Electric Cars? Too little, too late. Now is a good time to kill Gaddafi and other despots that do not sell everything to us that we want, when we want.
I hope the arabs are clever enough to outwit the west. Why Ghadafi has not accused the US of executing 9/11 does not compute.

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