Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ferry trip - steel blue waters

Hello boys and girls,
Again i am on a 4 hour ferry trip to the big stink (that's what new zealanders call the city). The showed the film Avatar - i saw it for the fourth time now - and again it was worth watching. The sun outside is a little strong so i preferred the shade in the cinema.
Jake Sully from the jarhead clan, oh dear!
But the sky people needed to be taught the lesson that they can not get what they want. They need to go back to their dying country.
We are passing Motuihe Island where Graf (Count) Luckner was held (and escaped from). The sea is so calm, we repeatedly saw big fish swimming away, as if they had been woken up by the approaching ship. There are many pleasure boats around, as the water gets greener near the "city of sails" - Auckland - and the views are exciting.
"The Noises" (lots of little islands and reefs, Rakino Island, then the old tall-ship sailing-boat "Spirit of New Zealand", the cliffs of Motutapu, Rangitoto (extinct volcano), Mt. Victoria and North Head coming closer. The coastguard tows a motorboat as we are going past Torpedo Bay. Half of the whole New Zealand Navy is in the base at Devonport, I can see all of our naval combat force which consists of two german 3600 ton 164 crew Blohm+Voss MEKO class frigates, Te Kaha F77 and Te Mana F111.
They cost the New Zealand taxpayer one billion dollars EACh, funds that did NOT go to hospitals and childcare, but to germany, the export world champion.
The Netherlands-built RoRo 9000 ton multirole vessel HMNZS Canterbury (half a billion dollars) at least has a 5 bed hospital, two bed sickbay, an operating theatre, a medical laboratory and a morgue, which was christened with the corpse of able seaman AHSO Byron Solomon 22, who drowned on 5 Oct 2007 under a upturned rigid-hull-inflatable-boat RHIB. I hereby petition the government the ship to be renamed SOLOMON and henceforth all ships to be named after the fpeople who did on them.
Also in port were our new 1900 ton protectors class (Canadian design) offshore patrol vessels, and inshore 340 ton waeships like Her Majesty's New Zealand Ship Taupo. King George 7 ordered his ships to bear thie HMNZS title in 1911, one hundred years ago.
We know elites rule us, we pay for kiwi troops to commit war crimes in Afghanistan, 9 years going and without end.
I recommend listening to "The trouble with Billionaires" and "Peak Oil vs Pathological Optimism" podcasts from
And then help with regime-change.
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