Friday, December 24, 2010

Total eclipse summer solstice

Today the full moon will rise fully eclipsed. In two hours it will come over the hill and it will start to leave earth's umbra at the same time. I am watching the sunset right now -- the sun disappeared behind clouds on the western horizon -- and the sky is free behind me, towards the east, wunderbar.

OK, the moon appeared, emerged dramatically between the trees and clouds, still 80 per cent eclipsed, the dark side being dark rusty red-brown and the lit side bright white -- awesome.

Wednesday 22nd of December 2010
Brilliant sunshine. I finalised the 2012 astronomical pocket diary for the iphone (english and german) and had a sunbath in the early afternoon. The sea is azure blue, cloudless sky. My trousers are on the line, i had to re-wash them because they stank after my first washing attempt -- some one added his extremely smelly clothing in my wash bucket, and it had soaked two days. There is free water in abundance, so i gave it 5 rinses. The acme wringer came in handy.

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